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Arial View of the Feather Leaf Inn, a Caribbean eco-hotel


Be Our Guest

At Historic
butler bay 

This historic estate is part of a 260-year-old plantation built during Danish colonial rule. It is being transformed into a seaside botanical food-forest. It maintains a piece of history while providing modern conveniences. The rooms are 100% solar powered and adjacent to a secluded bay for snorkeling and swimming. Each room has a private entrance and it's own private bathroom. While every room is different, each has iconic views overlooking the Caribbean.

We'd love to have you join us for a unique and memorable place to stay!

Single track driveway at the Feather Leaf Inn with flowering bushes and Caribbean plants on either side.


"Our family preferred this location to all others due to biodiversity, seclusion and calm, cool waters. Prepare to pass time looking at shells, sea urchins, coral, hermit crabs and colorful fish."


"What a truly unique place to stay. I highly recommend visiting the Feather Leaf if you vacation in St. Croix."


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